Bonanza Festival – Making things happen

We like to think that we’re bringing back the excitement that once was the Drogheda Bonanza Festival. It ran from between the mid 70s to the mid 80s and was a tremendous success. Running over a two week period, local shop owners ran promotions and Droghedians supported their local shops.

Images from the old Bonanza Festival

Things haven’t changed so much…

Things have changed phenomenally since the Bonanza first began but at the same time, things haven’t changed at all.

Chairman of the Drogheda Trader’s Association Hubert Tully wrote at the launch of the Drogheda Bonanza back in 1976:

“It’s not enough to just offer good service and quality goods these day and expect shoppers to spend their money with you. You’ve got to offer the most, the best of everything to attract spenders in these competitive times. And that’s what we’re doing in the Drogheda over the next fortnight.
You can’t expect the action to come to you anymore – you’ve got to make it happen. And Drogheda will be doing that for the shopper, the visitor, the casual caller over the next fortnight.”

Making things happen

While our festival will be run over a three-day period, we couldn’t have written better. Interesting that things were competitive then and now. We’re extremely proud to carry on the Bonanza name, it’s theme and it’s dedication to making things happen.

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